Multimedia Animation & Photography

Multimedia Animation And Photgraphy

Animation is a combination of design, layout, photography, and drawing, while multimedia is a combination of animation, text, graphics, video, or sound. This industry has expanded beyond cinemas and now includes TV media, education, games, cartoon serials, and advertising. It is a multidisciplinary field that includes motion graphics, animation, cinematography, modelling, storyboarding, visual effects, texturing, and other disciplines. Those who enrolled in multimedia courses receive hands-on training and skills in the use of various design and animation tools and technology. Students learn how to design interactive applications, web pages, logos, posters, publications, animation, and other media. Students benefit from animation courses in terms of developing their innovative, creative, and presentation skills. The need for qualified professionals in this field is growing.

Students who take multimedia courses will have many more career options. Those who study multimedia can work as animators, concept artists, game developers, illustrators, graphic designers, VFX designers, advertising art directors, web designers, music producers, and special effects technicians. Students can demonstrate their creativity and talent in whatever career path they choose.

What is Photography

Photography is a fast-emerging and popular career choice for this generation. With the advancement in advertising, media and the fashion industry, photography has emerged as a lucrative and thrilling career option to many Indian youths. Previously the masses regarded photography as a hobby only, but now it has emerged as a big profession.

As a Photography graduate, there shall be no shortage of job opportunities in India as well as abroad. The demand for photography has gone up with ever-expanding social media platforms. Hence, it is a fascinating career to pursue at the moment.

Careers in Photography

There was a time when photography was considered nothing more than a hobby. But now it has emerged as one of the most popular career choices of the generation. With the required skill sets and hard work, you can enjoy a successful and rewarding career in the photography industry. If you choose photography as your career, chances are you are passionate about your work.