Professional Diploma In Aviation Hospitality Travel
& Airport Management

Professional Diploma In Aviation Hospitality Travel & Airport Management

Our Professional Diploma in Aviation Hospitality Travel & Airport Management offers comprehensive training in various aspects crucial for success in the aviation and hospitality industries. Students delve into topics such as Aviation, covering both Inflight and Ground Handling operations, alongside Hospitality modules focusing on Front Office Management, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Services. Practical skills like Mock Interviews, Customer Service and Personality Development are integrated into the curriculum, ensuring students are equipped with the necessary expertise and professionalism to excel in their careers.

Additionally, our Travel Management component provides essential knowledge in Geography, Airfares and Ticketing procedures preparing students for roles in the travel industry.

To enroll in this program, students must meet specific requirements. Applicants should be aged between 17 to 27 years and meet height criteria of 160 cm for males and 155 cm for females, with proportionate weight as per BMI standards. Additionally, near vision requirements include N/5 in the better eye and N/6 in the worst eye with no spectacles allowed. Clear speech without stammering or lisping is essential, along with specific criteria for distant vision and permissible contact lenses. Appearance standards, including positive body language and no visible tattoos, ensure students present themselves professionally in the industry.


+2 Any Stream/ Any Graduates



Course Duration

01 Year

Aviation & Air hostess Management

Aviation and Airhostess Management is a specialized field at the intersection of aviation and customer service. In this dynamic discipline, individuals are trained to oversee airline operations and manage the crucial role of flight attendants. Through a combination of safety protocols, customer service skills and a deep understanding of aviation regulations, students in these programs are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable flying experience for passengers. This unique blend of aviation and hospitality management prepares graduates for diverse and rewarding careers in the airline industry.

Aviation Hospitality Travel


Aviation- Inflight & Ground Handling

Hospitality- Front Office, Housekeeping and F&B Services

Mock Interviews

Customer Service

Personality Development

Communicative English & Hindi

5's Concept

Employability Skill Training


Travel Management-Geography In Travel & Basic Airfares and Ticketing

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